OTC Pink Sheets Companies

OTC Pink Sheets Companies

There are many companies out there from the OTC Pink Sheets to the Nasdaq but how do you know where to look?

Find information about OTC Pink sheets companies

There are different sources you can use, one of them is the OTCmarkets website. This website gives general information as fillings, link to corporate websites, transfer agents, stock quotes and Level 2 trades.

Yahoo Finance has a lot of information about the Stock Market Today aswell.  Yahoo Finance has Stock quotes, latest press releases and sometimes analyst research reports on the website. Many companies are listed on Yahoo Finance and they also have a great mobile app where you can track your trades.

Press releases of growth companies

Press releases should give an idea of where a company is and what you can expect but never invest on press releases alone. Try to read financial fillings, google for information, does the company has debts, how do they make revenues, are they diluted a lot etc. etc.

Connect with investors , analyse and discuss

Read online bulletin boards and try to connect with shareholders or other interested investors in a growing company that you have on your watchlist. Its always good to hear all sides of a story, the good and the bad. Compare all the information that you get to each other and try to make your own opinion about the growing abilities from a company and the role of the management in this. If you are comfortable, check everything again and again un till you are sure about your thoughts for any investment opportunity.

Fast Growing Companies

Fast Growing Companies

We look for companies guaranteed of growth and trust that penny stock investments will perform rather highly, to cover for the risks that are involved with investing in penny stocks. A group of well-determined penny stock investors that work together, towards the best interest of every member has been formed in the process. Due to this, we try to have rock-solid investments.

You are encouraged to join our group and have real-life interactions with other ambitious penny stock investors. It’s an amazing platform where every member gets to share and gain vital information on penny stocks. Join our group and be amazed at the huge pool of information floating around, all for free and lets find the fastest growing companies together.

Analyze and monitor growing companies

Our group of investors research new penny stocks on the market and share their thoughts collectively on them frequently. Finding reliable information on Penny stocks could be tiresome since there aren’t a lot of credible sources to gain insight into them. Coming together to create a platform for penny stock investors all over to share information and details they have on these stocks help in becoming more knowledgeable concerning the stocks, and help every member of the group make better decisions.

Joining our group of Penny stock investors could be one of the best decisions you will make, in regard to the field of stocks. None of our stock picks can be seen as advise but its fun to discuss and look together to opportunities.

It’s important to make an extensive research before deciding which penny stocks to invest in. There isn’t much resource online to get the information you require. Become a part of our group, and have personal discussions with so many other penny stock investors.

Lets share watchlists and discuss

No need to search for a Penny stocks list anymore. We have a goal of adding at least one new company to the watchlist every month, in exception of months where we don’t find very good ones. Lets look together and find the fastest growing companies.